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Treacle People

I have just listened to this great CD-R. Was it someone on this site that compelled it twenty years ago. If so many thanks.

Re: Treacle People

Just visit "A Guide To The DIY Compilations Of Regal Zonophone" for info on similar releases dates, authors, downloads and more.

Check it out NOW if you haven't already.


P.S. Twas Stuart

Re: Treacle People

Yes thanks Stuart for a great comp and also to Mark for his patience and perseverance in putting all those together and available for anyone who is interested.

Re: Treacle People

Thanks Stuart. Every song is a winner😀👍

Re: Treacle People

Mark that IS an impressive list you and Jose put together,man i enjoyed looking at them comps,many i'd NEVER heard of before!!
That took some collating,trying to find people,get the details and even artwork for many of them,and then to put them out there for sharing is a very well put together and generous act of you.
I for one THANK YOU and Jose for even thinking of doing this in the first place as it must have been quite a headache to do it!!

It proves what a tight and generous wee group that partook on RZ 15-20 years ago in what WAS really the early days of the internet as such,as many who took part on here,used the new technology of home computers to put together their own cdr comps of mainly 60s sounds,and posted them around the world by human delivery to those who wanted a copy,as it was well before the capacity to just post through the web,which is taken for granted now,i still CAN'T do that!!

Some compilers even paying the postage too,even if it was international to the likes of the States,Australia and even Japan,imagine doing that now,you'd need a fortune to do something like that now!So they were totally freebies,and some even came with nice artwork and liner notes in a jewel case!!
That WAS the true spirit of the diggers withhout the politics,but this was NOT bread and rice,this was the FOOD of music,being shared to attempt to quench the hunger of eager music enthusiasts,and in truth to just share being nice,giving gifts WITHOUT reciprocation,and just for the sake of it,they were good days.

The compiling of cdr comps and mailing them out,continued for quite a while,until technology had caught up,and the capability was available to send them via the web within seconds.

It's like writing letters,sometimes i hark back to the days BEFORE email,and BEFORE sending music via the web,as it was ALWAYS nice to receive a hand written letter or a wee package with someones latest cdr comp...for me THAT was far more personal than email or a digital download,and those days look like they're well in the past.

While the internet may have made the world smaller,i'm sure it's made the world LESS personal,and LESS sociable with LESS human contact,as its turned into its own world,and with Artificial Intelligence,and its development,i fear there may come a time where humans DON'T need to see,hear,touch,talk with ANOTHER human being,or be in the same house,office,pub,club with another human...THAT to me is utterly frightening,and it's no wonder i harken back to more basic times!!

Luckily this wee community of ours is in the etherworld,for others many years from now,to come upon RZ,and think wow!!what a great wee place with so much generosity,contact,information and discussion,as an individual of ANY age will be thinking to themselves while looking through i wished i lived in those times...just like many of us used to think ,man i wished i lived in the 60s.

Much love guys X

Re: Treacle People

Thank you Flaxton,i had to look it up in Mark Kupsz created RZ comps listing to remind myself what the hell i included on it,and i'll tell you there is some splendid songs that i think shows that period when psychedelia was fading but still clinging on for dear life merging with more new progressive leanings of sound and vibes.

There are MANY things on it i've not listened to in such a long time,but at that time around 15-20 years ago,you could only work with what you had technology wise,so i bet some it is far from prestine sounding,with volume fluctuations and other discrepancies being audible,but it was fun putting them together,and even attempting to do sleeve artwork and accompanied liners on a A4 piece of paper,it trully was a lot of fun to complete each comp,and actually exciting to mail them out to folks,and hear the feedback from others.
I think i did 4 in's amazing what 20 years can do to the brain,as i totally forgot what the hell i'd done,never mind what the tracklists are.
It took other good people on here to remind me what comps i'd done.

Other folks,did a lot more comps than i did,and where super generous of their time,effort,imagination and the sharing of their comps for others,it trully seems like a lost age completely,probably as redundant as home taping,with it now just being a pleasant and enoyable memory.

Thank you again for the kind words,it's appreciated.