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deviants and jimi hendrix

i thought id just say that i really think there should be a deviants and jimi hendrix cd albums box set.i would love to see these plus an easybeats albums box set.i think there definitely should be some of these on the market.certainly a deviants albums box set

Re: deviants and jimi hendrix

There’s a pretty basic Easybeats collection of all their Repertoire CDs assembled in a pretty cheap envelope (I could hardly call it a sleeve, as it’s just a thin cardboard case that the CDs slip into). It does have most of their recorded output (minus some rarities, and minus the last album “Friends” for some reason). I’ve long wanted the kind of in-depth Easybeats set along the lines of the Zombies boxed set, but I don’t expect to see it.😢
It would take a lot of CDs, because there are lots of alternate takes of their output, and rare stereo mixes or different vocal takes, etc. Their recording history seems to have bern pretty complicated. A cool bonus CD would be a complete collection of all the Vanda Young songs for other bands and 45’s when they were trying stuff out in the 70’s (sometimes with older brother George Alexander previously of Grapefruit). Bands with names like Tramp, Moondance, and Paintbox that were basically names to get their songs released.