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Psychodelicias Vol 7 & 8

Hi Psychsters

I've asked before but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Can anybody please hook me up with the REAR cover art for Vols 7 & 8


Re: Psychodelicias Vol 7 & 8

Sorry Mark. Can't help you.

Re: Psychodelicias Vol 7 & 8

Have you tried looking for the scans on SoulSeek ??? Maybe it's there ??

Re: Psychodelicias Vol 7 & 8

Got there eventually.

Take your pick

Vol 7 Misty Lane Reissue

Vol 7 Original Issue Rear

Vol 7 New Reissue

Vol 8 New Reissue + Bonus Tracks

No idea why this rather obscure compilation series has so many different covers. Go figure.