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V.A. Lost & Found Freebie

Hi Psychsters

So you know how it is..... you listen to an album and it's fairly dispensible apart from maybe a couple of tracks. I tend to junk the mediocre tracks and throw the good un's in a folder. This compilation is a product of that process. Comprising 60's Pop & Psych Rock I think most here will dig it.

01. A Scene In Between - Stained Glass
02. Big Bright Eyes - Bats
03. Blossom Shoes - Blocking Shoes
04. Blue Ocean - Child's Art
05. Dennis Dupree From Danvile - Dennis & His Times
06. Easy - The Scoundrels
07. Everybody Wanna Do - Bull
08. Gold In Her Eyes - Child's Art
09. If I Needed Someone - Stained Glass
10. Lovin' Man - Bull
11. Motherlode - Child's Art
12. Mr. Miff - July Four
13. Nightcap - Stained Glass
14. Open My Eyes - The Ashley Brothers
15. Sarah the Weather Girl - The Dupont Circles
16. Somebody Help Me - Small Society
17. Sun So High - One Eyed Jacks
18. Tick Tock - The Dupont Circles
19. We Wanna Be Free - Noah
20. What Ya Gonna Do - Other Side Of Time



PS I've added this to the RZ Compilation Database aswell.

Re: V.A. Lost & Found Freebie

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