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Psych U May Like

Hi Psychsters

Yet another list of recently discovered gems that you might want to check out. All can be found on Soulseek, Bandcamp or YT.

Acid Lemon The - Introducing
Ambassador Hazy - The Door Between
Attila & The Huns - Under The Bodhi Tree
Black Market Karma - Aped Flair And Hijacked Ideas
Black Market Karma - The Sixth Time Around
Cave - Allways
Cave - Neverendless
Cave - Psychic Psummer
Cave - Release
Cave - Threace
Claypool Lennon Delirium The - Monolith of Phobos
Fast Camels The - Deadrooms And Butterfly Dreams
Fast Camels The - Full Of Strange
Fever The Ghost - Zirconium Meconium
Flower Machine The - Chalk Dust Dream of The Tea Cozy Mitten Company
Flower Machine The - Lavender Lane
Frantic Five The - A Go Go At A Cave Near You
Frantic Five The - It's Frantic
Grains The - Just Our Flame
Hooveriii - ST
Hooveriii - Water For The Frogs
Kingdom Of The Holy Sun - In The Shadows
JJUUJJUU - Zionic Mud
Krom Lek - Collective Conscious
Krom Lek - Inspirational Flotation
Krom Lek - Psychedelic Dot
Len Price 3 The - Ip Dip Do
Len Price 3 The - Kentish Longtails
Liquid Sound Company + Herd of Instinct - Cosmic Worlds
McFaddens Parachute - Flower Pot
Mike Stuart Span - Timespan
Mondo Drag - ST
Mood Six - And This Is It
Orchestra of Spheres - Brothers and Sisters Of The Black Lagoon
Pharoah Overlord - 1
Poets The - Groovy
Psych 9 - The Trip Goes On
Routes The - Lead Lined Clouds
Vacant Lots The - Endless Night
Vacant Lots The - Interzone
Warlocks The - The Phoenix Album
White Denim - Side Effects
Yet No Yokai - Wir Sind Da