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McFadden's Parachute - HELP!

Does anyone have a copy of the following albums by McFaddens Parachute or maybe point me to where I can get 'em. I've been looking for ages and they are impossible to find.

"Far Out Fisa"
"Patterns Of Time"

Thanks, PPP

Re: McFadden's Parachute - HELP!

I'm not surprised it's a bit tricksy Mark, they've made 30 albums! Any road "Patterns of Time appears to be a re-packaging of "Hammerdown" all the tracks seem to be on YT though I haven't found "Maplewood Parlour" there yet (I have an MP3 of that one if needed), good luck.

Re: McFadden's Parachute - HELP!


It appears that most of the tracks from "Hamerdown"/"Patterns Of Time" are also replicated on "Fuzzy Organs" bar four, never thought to check. OK that's two less on my wants list.

30 albums you say..... I'll have to do some research. I was only aware of the ones listed on Discogs.

Thanks for the heads up.... the hunt begins anew.