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The Fringe - Token For My Mind (1967-8)

I just came across this rather excellent collection of songs from a Canadian band I hadn't previously heard of (please excuse my ignorance).

Only released on CDr so far. If there are any record labels reading, this is definitely worth a vinyl reissue. They recorded an album but only an e.p. was released (worth a fortune, apparently) and a couple of singles. They sound very uk psych, and all can now be heard on YouTube.

Re: The Fringe - Token For My Mind (1967-8)

I have the single but thanks for the heads up on the rest of their output.
As for English sounding Canadian bands, French Revolution-Nine Till Five has to be the best? In fact even though they were from Montreal and the original was sung in French it was released in the UK on on Decca and ended up on a number of comps as it was thought they were from the UK.

Re: The Fringe - Token For My Mind (1967-8)

FYI available for download from SS


Re: The Fringe - Token For My Mind (1967-8)

Mr Chopper,was The French Revolution actually the band Les Sinners in another guise?Or had some involvement from members of Les Sinners at the same time?A French Canadian outfit,possibly based in Montreal?
I have Les Sinners cds and they ARE excellent!!

This outfit The Fringe sounds interesting,and it shows,there IS still unreleased goodies from the psychedelic era to be found!!!

Re: The Fringe - Token For My Mind (1967-8)

Sure is Stuart.....