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Jawbone (Mirage)

I was glad to discover that the label Trading Places has put out a vinyl version of the sole Jawbone album from 1970. Originals on Carnaby records have always ben priced mighty high. I’ve never seen an original on Carnaby records, the label that also put out the Portobello Explosion “We Can Fly” 45, which is usually more affordable, and sounds more like the Mirage.
Jawbone’s album is more West coast / The Band-ish, which I guess was becoming the sound by 1970, so it’s not really psych or pop-psych like the Mirage. Still, it’s not a bad listen, and a pleasant surprise is the last song “Jeremiah Dreams” which is a slightly more progressive take on “Ebeneezer Beaver”, one of the best Mirage tunes.
If “Tomorrow Never Knows” was the Beatles cover the Mirage are known for, on Jawbone they go for “Across the Universe.” While I like how the Mirage strip down “Tomorrow Never Knows,” to an almost live arrangement, Jawbone don’t really bring much to “Across the Universe” that the Beatles didn’t already deliver.
The rest of the album is sort of Band sounding, in a sort of Bee Gees “Marley Purt Drive” style. It’s all relatively tuneful, if not quite at a level of “Music From Big Pink” or “The Band .” (I imagine they might have grabbed their name from the song on that second Band album).
The line-up might have been a little different from the Mirage (I’ll have to check that), but it’s still basically the Mirage.
Sort of unusually, from what I’ve read, it was Dave Hynes, the drummer, who wrote most of the Mirage and Jawbone songs, and I think it is him, not Pete Hynes the guitarist, who was the principle songwriter. At one point there were three Hynes ( three brothers,I’m assuming? ) in the band.
For people less interested in vinyl, Grapefruit has put out the three CD complete Mirage/Jawbone set, with good sound even on the demos and acetates. It also comes with a nice little booklet with pics and info.
As a vinyl guy, I’m happy to have the Jawbone record at a good price, and this reissue adds “Way Down Down”, a not overly amazing non-lp Jawbone song that was on a’s nice to have though. I’m also not sure why the Mirage were so fond of”Chicago Cottage” that they put it on the Jawbone album. As a Mirage 45, I find it closer to the Herd than the prime psych-pop they usually produced. Maybe they thought it might be a hit?
It took a while, but if you want Mirage and Jawbone on vinyl (or in a comprehensive CD set), it’s available!

Re: Jawbone (Mirage)

is this a legit release? I can find any address/website for this label

Re: Jawbone (Mirage)

I’m not sure. I know Trading Places has released other titles by Comus, etc.

Re: Jawbone (Mirage)

A Discogs member made a tentative investigation into Trading Places and states that surprisingly most releases have some mention of a licensing agreement, many being almost like cast offs from Cherry Red, so it's possible its affiliated with Cherry Red . Forum members here would know as they are working for Cherry Red or so-called 'Consultants' for them.

The labels release schedule is schizophrenic without any clear form of label identity or genre type making it look like a typical Pirate label ploughing harum-scarum through any old established major label 'rarity', but in fact, based upon the Discogs member enquiries, it does seem to be legitimate. (Which means that once filtered through the various licensing and sub licensing agreements band members may well get 50p per annum. On par with most reissue labels in this Platinum selling marketplace.)

The label name seems based upon the american 80s Eddie Murphy comedy film Trading Places by John Landis, securing it's authentic prog rock credentials.

Re: Jawbone (Mirage)

Thanks Joe,i do have that Mirage set you mention,its a nice all round package,hopefully this will be the last Mirage cd set,as this is the third cd i've bought of The Mirage,and i've also got the previous Jawbone cd,but this latest Mirage set must be the ultimate and final set,there can't be much more to uncover surely?
Though there was a Mirage song used in the 60s UK movie Georgy Girl titled"I'm Gonna Leave Her"which has been lost to time,as only part of the song was used,so there was other songs that have been lost .

As for the Jawbone album,you hit the nail right on the head,certainly influenced by The Band and that whole back to basics americana style with much acoustic strumming too,but i do still detect a slight 60s hangover pop sound on this album,and as for "Chicago Cottage"i like that wee pop ditty,but again the earlier version does indeed have a Herd sound to it!!
Yes there was brothers Pat,Pete and Dave Hynes involved in The Mirage,along with Dee Murray and Ray Mynott(Glynn)originally,with the likes of Clive(Robin)Sarstedt(yep brothers) passing through and Neil(Kirk)Duncan joining in a later line up.

The Mirage also released a single under the name Yellow Pages titled"Here Comes Jane/Ding Dong Bell" as they couldn't find a commercial breakthrough as The Mirage,as they had involvement with Larry Page who forced songs onto them,including songs written by him under an alias after their was no hit singles,and of course some of their singles were issued on his Page One Records.

The Portebello Explosion single on Carnaby featured ex Turquoise member Jeff Peters,with Ray Mynott(Glynn),Neil(kirk)Duncan,Dave & Pete Hynes.The band split after the final Jawbone single in November 1970,with members going on to play with Joe Brown and of course Elton John.

Ex Mirage/Jawbone members Ray Glynn,Kirk Duncan and Dee Murray featured on Hollies vocalist Allan Clarkes 1973 album"Headroom"which i've never heard,so i can't comment on its material.

As for the record label you mention Joe,Trading Places,i've never heard of it personally,but if its a vinyl only label i wouldn't as i don't buy or look at vinyl.

As for"consultants"of Cherry Red who take part on here,i'm being nosey May Twitz,who the hell is it?

As for the derisory royalties artists receive in particular on old catalogues/vintage recordings,from reissues,if its a bootleg they likely receive nothing,if its a"legit"reissue they likely receive nothing,as its down to the agreements they signed as young men,and many had no business knowledge and 60 year later many dont receive a penny,unless they own the rights and publishing,even then internet music platforms like Spotify,Youtube,Amazon Music etc pay peanuts,its utterly ridiculous,and its another reason i buy physical product in cds,and i've NO idea what they get from that.

Cheers guys,good to see folks chatting again.

Re: Jawbone (Mirage)

All interesting stuff, Stu. And I think about half of the Mirage joined The Spencer Davis Group around the time of the Funky album which was when they were trying a new sound because Steve Winwood had left (if I recall correctly). Lots of line-up rearranging…
And yeah, Chicago Cottage is a fun little ditty, just not up their best pop psych standards. But I agree, the Grapefruit label 3-CD should be the final word on getting their stuff out there. I’m grateful for my earlier CDs, but the Grapefruit seems to be the one to reach for…