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Blue Angel Sounds

Fascinating website here all about Blue Angel Sounds who released Keith Hughes and Roger Moore's Cinderella's Party Song Book (1967), Tim Phillips' The Giant Tortoise (1968), and the Alice Island Band's Splendid Isolation (1974). Also, they have compiled their early releases on to a CD they're selling:

Re: Blue Angel Sounds

Nice! I suppose Tim Phillips is NOT the Spreadeagle guy who became Bunk Dogger, right?

Re: Blue Angel Sounds

Yes - Tim Phillips was the guy in Spreadeagle and later put out two albums as Bunk Dogger - one of which (First Offence) has some of the most dubious cover art of all time! A long away from the delicate stuff on The Giant Tortoise...

Re: Blue Angel Sounds

Bunk's first 7" was not bad though