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TimeMachine Productions

Here's another one to investigate, similar to the late Pugrock it favours and features recent releases that are mostly at the progressive end of the rock and psych spectrum;

Re: TimeMachine Productions

Hi Gaz

I note that almost all of the albums reviewed on this site can be listened to in full by visiting the 'Bandcamp' link at the end of each review. I have the 'Bandcamp Psych Rock' page bookmarked and search the "New Arrivals" section every few weeks. This allows me to sample every new album without relying on a 'reviewer' to present their pick of new stuff.

I'm not saying that TimeMachine doesn't do a great job of presenting and reviewing new psych music but like you say they have a prog/psych bias and obviously can't review every new release.

Here is a link to the 'Psych Rock' section of 'Bandcamp'. Scroll down and click on 'New Arrivals' to change from the highlighted 'Best Selling' tab.