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We're All Mad Here Freebie

Hi Psychsters,

So here's the story. I found a cool channel on YT with oodles of neo-psych, garage-revival and power-pop from 2017 to the present (about 1800 tracks, give or take) which I sampled over a two week period. I then used the best psych tracks to compile "We're All Mad Here"... (a line from Alice In Wonderland) which seemed apt given the lysergicness of all. I have enough stuff for a second and most likely a third.

01. Acid Queen - The Way She Goes
02. Acid Tongue - L.S.D.
03. Al Hotchkiss - Psych Out
04. Annie Taylor - Love Is Blind
05. Avee Mana - Inner Life
06. Bhopal's Flowers - Joy Of The 4th
07. Daydream Time Machine - Have You Lost Your Mind?
08. Edens - Picture On The Wall
09. Black Helium - Summer Of Hair
10. Black Market Karma - Run Run Run
11. Dead Witch - Sunshine
12. Elephants On Acid - Can You Hear?
13. Fomies - Noiseless Noise
14. Handford Flyover - The Garden Of Earthly Delights
15. Hawkeye - Beautiful Mess
16. Hugs Of The Sky - Creature Up Your Feature
17. Looking Glass Alice - Spider
18. Melody Fields - Indian MC
19. Missing Jack & The Kameleons - You Don't Have To Think
20. Palooka 5 - Alright
21. Shadow Show - Radiant Hue
22. The Acid Sisters - Green Die
23. The Beginner's Mynd - I Am Done
24. The Crystal Teardrop - By The River
25. The Early Days - Flowers
26. The Flower Machine - Neon Mushroom Cloud
27. The Laissez Fairs - Sensation
28. The Luck Of Eden Hall - Complicated Mind
29. The Magnificent Brotherhood - Mind Garage
30. The Narc Twins - Submarine
31. The Reverberations - Color Coded Candy Canes
32. The Savage Blush - Incantations
33. Thee Irma & Louise - Five Years Behind My Thyme
34. Velvet Starlings - Colours On The Canvas
35. Vibravoid - Candy Girl
36. White Canyon & The 5th Dimension - Fireflies Dance
37. The Total Rejection - Garden Full Of Green
38. The Violet Mindfield - Tell Me
39. Velvet Attack - Drinkin' Water Prayin' Wine
40. Velvet Meadow - Spring Song


If you wanna visit the YT channel there are many great vids that accompany most of the above.

I hope you dig it as much as I do. If so leave a comment.


Re: We're All Mad Here Freebie

Sorry I had to delete the folder at Mediafire. Here is the new download address.


Re: We're All Mad Here Freebie

Thanks for this.

Re: We're All Mad Here Freebie

Anyone having trouble downloading this?

Re: We're All Mad Here Freebie

Hi Wallace

I just copied address into Google and all worked fine.
If not try the link on the RZ compilation database.