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John Bromley: Sing (2024 Remaster)

Although this arrived a few weeks ago, I'm finally sitting down and giving it a proper listen now...

Think Like A Key Music recently released a newly remastered version of the original 'Sing', John Bromley's sole album from 1969:

"John Bromley’s sole album, 1969’s Sing, remains a cherished chapter in the British popsike narrative, five decades on. This expanded edition revisits its legacy and features in additional to the original album, associated singles and rare demos, all meticulously remastered by Prof. Stoned. Backed by the talents of Les Fleur De Lys, Bromley's unique blend of freakbeat and sunshine pop melodies come alive, encapsulated by the restored original artwork. Whether a long-time fan or a newcomer, Sing invites you to journey into the heart of a time when music was as experimental as it was expressive."

I've had Rev-Ola's 'Songs' since it's release in 2009, and I love it of course. BUT, the TLaK remaster is a revelation. I must confess, I haven't made it to any of the mono tracks yet - and there are actually three less than the Rev-ola release - but the stereo mix of 'Sing' sounds as if it was recorded yesterday. Outstanding job Professor Stoned, whoever you are!

Wonderful three panel gatefold sleeve - no booklet, but if you have the 2009 release you'll already have Mark A. Johnston's full essay that the notes for this release were adapted from.

Re: John Bromley: Sing (2024 Remaster)

Thanks for this Mark, I had no idea this was around. I recall the 'Songs' Revola CD though I didn't get that at the time. This new version with non-jewel cased packaging and remastered stereo sounds like a must. Just pre-ordered it on Amazon UK for just under £13 (has 26th April release / availability date in UK).


Re: John Bromley: Sing (2024 Remaster)

a pity for the unreleased tracka only on the Japanese CD :(

Re: John Bromley: Sing (2024 Remaster)

a pity for the unreleased tracka only on the Japanese CD :(
Thanks for that Gian, and it is a pity they weren't included... makes me wish I'd held off for the Japanese Exclusive Edition (had I known).
Not going to buy it a third time though!