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Upcoming Mark Wirtz box set from Cherry Red (late 2024)

Two posts in one day? I don't think I've done this since 2010...

Anyway, I should have mentioned this a couple weeks back when Amanda Vance Wirtz (Mark's widow) posted this on Facebook...


Steve Wilson (compiler of the upcoming collection):

I'm excited and proud to announce that a comprehensive 4 Disc CD box set compilation album of Mark Wirtz music, and associated works, is being collated with a planned provisional release to take place in late 2024.

This release is being coordinated as a collaborative project by Cherry Red Records and the Estate of Mark Wirtz, with full endorsement by Mark's Estate and Amanda Wirtz.

The set will feature three main discs containing over 60 classic Mark Wirtz related tracks collated by myself, with direct input from Amanda Wirtz, Nick Black and Jon Harrington, including Mark's own music and songs, plus examples of his work in the studio from Abbey Road, before and beyond as a producer, arranger, director, writer and performer for an incredible assortment of artists from the 1960s onward.

Also included will be a bonus disc featuring over 20 more tracks including home demo recordings, studio demos and outtakes, acetate transfers, examples of Mark performing on Piano in his home studio space, and alternative mixes. Many of these tracks have never been available before on any official releases.

Also being presented on the bonus fourth disc will be several exclusive 2024 remixes created by myself, including several tracks being made available in stereo for the first time and several newly created instrumental mixes.

More details will be available, including full track listings and sleeve design, in due course.

Re: Upcoming Mark Wirtz box set from Cherry Red (late 2024)

Thanks again Mark! It will be interesting to see what is actually on here in due course. Wirtz had quite a well dispersed range of songs both as a writer for other artists and a singer. It reminds us how old RZ is given the Wirtz mania of its early days and all those gems Mark Frumento managed to alert us to.


Re: Upcoming Mark Wirtz box set from Cherry Red (late 2024)

Awesome stuff Mark! 👍

Re: Upcoming Mark Wirtz box set from Cherry Red (late 2024)

YES!!! Its about time a box of sorts collecting the works of Mark Wirtz was collated,i wonder if this will be covering certain years,or if it covers his whole musical career as he certainly covered much ground musically from the 60s onwards

I loved the Mark Wirtz Pop Works comps Mark Frumento gave away over 20 Years ago, he also did a alternative Teenage Opera cd, which again was bloody marvellous, they featured unreleased recordings too,as i think Mark Frumento was in contact with Mark Wirtz.

Mark Frumento also did a John Pantry collection as a companion to the double CD of John Pantry recordings, including the Wolfe album songs,an album that has NEVER been reissued as far as i know
I felt very lucky that Mr Frumento sent me those goodies,as there ARE recordings that have never been made available on anything else since their original release or indeed recording.

Anyone know what Mark Frumento is up to these days? Does he have a social media presence or anything internet wise? He was a beacon of information on 60s and early 70s pop music, and must have had some neat record collection!!

Re: Upcoming Mark Wirtz box set from Cherry Red (late 2024)

I've been in contact with Steve Wilson and he has kindly supplied the back story and some updates on the project:

I saw your discussion on the UK Psychedelia Discussion Forum about the planned Mark Wirtz box set - I am not a member of that site or forum, but as a massive aficionado of Psych and 60s music generally I occasionally read such sites and forums to gain knowledge and updates and news etc. It was gratifying to see interest already developing with regard to this planned set. I thought, since you and others on there expressed interest in it you might like to know a bit more about the plans although obviously there is a limit to how much I can say currently.

So, I am Stephen C Wilson (not to be confused with the famous Porcupine Tree 'Steven Wilson'. I was a close friend of Mark's for several decades, and of course remain a close friend to Amanda. Last year I was made formal representative for the Estate by Amanda and that has led indirectly to this box set as part of the work I am doing in this regard.

The set will comprise of at least 80 tracks overall - there is a preliminary track list but I cannot divulge this yet, but suffice to say it contains all the most important works by Mark alongside some surprises, some tracks previously unavailable on CD (certainly beyond bootlegs anyway) and spans, one way or another, the periods between the early 60s and 2017 and takes in the full range of Mark's work. The bulk of the main three discs will be tracks from 1963 to late 70s but there are some slightly more recent tracks than this on the bonus disc. Originally Cherry Red wanted only 60s related material but I strived to go beyond that time frame as frankly it is important to the Estate and to myself, and was important to Mark, to show that he did not simply stop in 1970. Originally the set was intended to be only three discs but I persuaded CR to implement a fourth disc for inclusion of demo recordings, outtakes, curios and works in progress etc as well as several selected mono to stereo remixes and instrumental remixes that I have undertaken myself based on conversations I had over the years with Mark himself and indeed Amanda more recently. These remixes will be included by way of being on the bonus disc by way of emphasising they are by no means intended to replace or supercede the original mono versions or suchlike but offer an alternative listening experience etc.

I am compiling the track list - I am sure you understand that several tracks that are mooted are subject to clearances and suchlike and indeed availability so in that regard the contents of the track list cannot be divulged yet (and indeed the list will be slightly in flux anyway until finalised) but they will be divulged on the new website at and the new Facebook page and similar over coming weeks and months along with more info such as artwork and release date etc.

Please feel free to share some of these details if you would like to - I am sorry I cannot currently give more details than the above but do feel free to ask any questions or suchlike at any time and I will do my best to reply.

If anyone, yourself or anyone else, has any questions or suchlike let me know and I will do my best to answer. Mark ((Wirtz) always embraced his fans, and as I am involved in these things now I feel a degree of responsibility to follow that sentiment.

I will resolve to give you regular updates if of interest.

There is something else I can tell you as an exclusive which is that there will be a repress, likely in expanded form, of The Matchmakers album on vinyl (possibly double) and accompanying CD set coming either late 2024 or 2025. Not on Cherry Red, but while I cannot divulge the label involved yet, it won't be Cherry Red or RPM etc.

It may be possible there could be a repress of Philwit and Pegasus at some stage also but that is by no means guaranteed yet.

Anyway thanks again. And do stay in touch.

Best wishes

Re: Upcoming Mark Wirtz box set from Cherry Red (late 2024)

Thank you Mark and Steve for the update will be looking out for this. website duly noted. d:slightly_smiling_face: