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DG Time Machine

The first of an occasional series going backwards in time, my first stop is 2009 logical because that was the last year prior to 2020 that I kept a personal chart and it also makes sense because the final track I consider to be the Godfather of and inspiration for the c by c series. So gathered here is an eclectic mix of 30 high flyers from 2009, quite fond of the running order on this one.

Re: DG Time Machine

I've decided to provide a new link to last another week just in case you were late to the party;

Here's the track list for DG 2009;

1 Tiny Circle - Wolf People
2 This Could Be The Day - James Grant
3 Good Morning Mr Magpie - The Dials
4 Cake and July - Joker's Daughter
5 Go Meet The Seed - Thee Oh Sees
6 Si Le Monde Nous a Oblie - Tangerine Poetrees
7 Into the 5th Dimension - Daybreakers
8 Howl on the Haunted Beat you Ride - The Go
9 Seasons of Julia - Lee F Cullen
10 Secret of the Twisted Flower - Baby Woodrose
11 The Sky is Falling - Shadestream
12 The Strangers - St Vincent
13 Amour Amour - She Demons
14 Magic Arrow - Timber Timbre
15 Sea of LSD - Blancanus
16 Stretch into the Stars - Kilbey Kennedy
17 Rare Lord - Blood Ceremony
18 No one sees Her - Strangers Family Band
19 Past Novembers Wind - Trolltones
20 Captain John - The Subcandies
21 Great Big Wall in China - Abigail Washburn
22 She Lives In My Mind - A'dam Sykles
23 I Only Dream - El Goodo
24 Gentle Gwen - Erland & the Carnival
25 Nightshift - Night On Earth
26 Downstairs to Hell - Lover!
27 The Best Free Show On Earth - The Witch & The Robot
28 This Angel's on Fire - Green Pajamas
29 Ray Gun - The Bird & The Bee
30 Silver Birch - Chemistry Set