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Hendrix covers album?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find an album that I think I saw years ago (maybe I imagined it - thank you old age!). It's a Jimi Hendrix covers album from the sixties called something like We Are Experienced. The group was American, I think, and wore red suits on the back cover. It's not meant to be that great an album, but I think it was featured in Record Collector years ago. Does anybody have any ideas?

Re: Hendrix covers album?

I only know this one, but not from a band I'd say. Pretty good anyway

Re: Hendrix covers album?

T Swift & The exploito cheapo label artfeact?

Re: Hendrix covers album?

Nope sorry lads, it isn't either of those. I do have that T.Swift album Stuart - a great listen!

Re: Hendrix covers album?

Jeff Cooper And Stoned Wings? I thought that was German though.

Re: Hendrix covers album?

No sorry. Good suggestion. My memory is that the band on the rear cover all wore suits ( possibly red) and it was in an industrial area!

Re: Hendrix covers album?

None of these are what you want, still....

Pete Shaw -Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Black Diamonds (aka Fire Music)

Purple Fox

Homenaji a Jimi Hendrix (same as above)

Live Experience Band did 3 lps. Swiss.

There is a Canadian cash-in lp "Best of Jimmy Hendrix" but I forget the band name. (Black & white cover)

Re: Hendrix covers album?

Sorry Wallace, none of those but some good suggestions. I must check out that Peet Shaw album.