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The Prayer Room

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The Prayer Room
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Broken Relationship

Father I thank You for all You have blessed me with, and I thank You for beginning to soften Melanie's heart and Father I ask that You continue to knead her heart and often it and open it o the Love that she has for me will grow as deep and strong as the Love You have given me for her. Father thank You for taking the time to create Melanie just for me and I Pray that by Your Merciful Grace that You will give her the courage to confess her Love for me. Father I ask that You stand with me to cast satan out of our Lives there is no room for him in our relationship and I will not stand for his prescence in our lives. Father I ask that You give Melanie the Peace and Comfort to know how much I Love Her and that I will never do anything to hurt or betray her ever again and Father I ask that You begin to restore the trust in Melanies Heart and remove the fear she has about being in Love with me. Father please give Melanie the comfort to be able to tell Brian that she Loves me. Father I pray that soon Melanie and I will be together as one in You so I can shout from the highest mountain that You have given me the Love of the most Precious, Kind, Sweet, Caring and Loving Woman in the World. Glorifing You in all we do I ask for Your Mercy and Wonderful Grace in bestowing these Blessings on me in The Sweet and Precious Name of Jesus

Attention Prayer Partners
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