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Save Marriage

Please pray for my wife and I who are in a difficult place in our marriage.
She has decided that its over; we've been married for 27 years. I don't want
to lose her. We are seeing a therapist in early January. I have made mistakes but am working on my issues with a counselor.

Re: Save Marriage

Heavenly Father,
I pray that you show this couple what to do in order to save their marriage. In Jesus name. Amen.

Re: Save Marriage

Dear God,
Please allow this man and his wife to get their problems fixed and please forgive him for his sins him and his wife's God. Allow this mans wife to be with him God please allow this man to pray, pray, and pray god no matter what. Please allow this couple to go to church.

And if it's not to late the bible says that if you love your wife then she will give you respect. Love your wife, love your wife, love your wife. Do something for her and every morning every day, and every night tell your wife that you love her. No more beers buy her something. God Bless you

Re: Save Marriage

Father we adore you and we thank -you for all your answers to our prayers.Father I PRAY AGAINST the spirit of divorce opperating in this marraige.Draw david closer to you intimately and reveal to him what he can do to save his marriage.Father we pray for his wife to be drawn closer to you.Fatjher send your word to her heart.May his wife realise dvid cannot meet the needs that only jesus can.Send her Lord your word to her concerning her marraige.Where love has died create new love.Bless david for being a man of prayeer and may he spend much time at your feet
In Jesus name

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