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The Prayer Room

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The Prayer Room
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Life period. High school, family, self, making myself closer to god.

Hey everybody.
Huh well I am a christian and I wanted some christians help with my life. Well I'm a sophomore rising juinor and I'm just trying to get passed high school and it's kind of difficult. Since my family doesn't have much money and my father doesn't have a job that pays a lot it's just kind of difficult. My father has done a job interview for a higher paying job so please pray that he gets the job. My Uncle is living with me and he has my room. This isn't the first time though. My aunt and cousins stayed in my room 3 years ago. Please pray that he can find a good paying job and hopefully he can get out by summer. I want to help my family so I'm trying to get a job on my birthday when I turn 16 so please pray that I get a job please. my father is an alcoholic and he seems to not care about the effects that it has on his family. Even though he says that he only god can hep him and not AA or anybody else I think he needs to pray harder if he's serious and actually try to stop. He smokes aswell and he's been coughing continuiosly and when he stopped for a period he wasn't doing as much coughing and sptting so please pray that his health is well. My sister is going to college and it's going to be really lonely here and I just want her to make the right decisions while she's in college and that she doesn't get caught up in anything meaningless or stupid. I worry about her and I want to learn how to put it in God's care but I don't know how so please pray for her and allow for her to do well in college and that my family is here for her. My mom has been very stressed lately and I want to help relieve the stress but I don't have any $$$. Please pray for my family to be able to pay for my sisters college please. Please all together please pray for me and my family to attend church more and please also pray for me to be colser to GOD and for me to stop being lustful. Since I am a teenger I do have urges but I get tired of it and I just want to stop so please pray for me please. With no selfishness please pray for my family and myself including my dog Kym!

Attention Prayer Partners
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