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The Prayer Room

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The Prayer Room
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husband with lung cancer

My husband Charles,age 74 has lung cancer. The doctor says surgery is not advised. He could die on the operating table because his breathing is too bad and it is too risky to do surgery. He has already been through chemotherapy and radiation. Charles does not know the Lord and needs salvation. He is very depressed.We have been married for 54 years. We have 4 children,7 grandchildren, and 2 greatgrandchildren. Please keep us both in your prayers.

Re: husband with lung cancer

Dear Father,I Lift up charles for salvation.Father I ASK YOU TO SEND SOMEONE WHOM HE WILL LISTEN TOO Father keep satan and his demons away from charles and whatever is keeping charles from excepting Jesus go to the root of the problem and heal it.Holy spirit fill his mind and dreams and speak loudly to charles.Break all pride keeping him from receiving christ Bring prayer warriors to pray for him and lord he needs healing.Strenghen joyce and give her peace.

Attention Prayer Partners
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