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Jesus is Lord Fellowship WWI
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Good Morning Prayer With Rosemary Gutierrez 3-8-18

Good Morning Prayer With Rosemary Gutierrez 3-8-18
Jesus is Lord Fellowship WWI
Where we make a difference in People’s lives

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16).

Let Us Pray Today For everyone around the Globe In Agreement For The Brand New Year With Christ Jesus

We are a Life Changing Ministry,, a Going ministry and a growing Ministry and Praying Ministry, This is a Growing Ministry, a Ministry that Brings Results

Father God, You are The "GREAT I AM".
You said in Your Word, "By Your Stripes we are healed", and "Healing is the Children's Bread". Today, we claim it, we believe it, we give thanks for Your healing to all that are sick today. Father, we ask that You heal all those with cancer, heal the failing heart conditions, kidney conditions, and those with Diabetes. Take under control High and Low Blood pressures, the arthritis, the tumors, the failing discs in their backs. Father, we plea for healing!
Lord heal the finances of those that are in need, heal their bank accounts, heal their wallets, restore to them seven fold, put the enemy to shame dear Lord I pray.
Those that are looking for employment, provide opportunities, open fresh doors for them and shame the devil.
Father God, we pray for healing in broken or failing relationships and marriages, what You have ordained, let it no man put asunder. Restore the love and the joy they once experienced before, help them to forgive each other and live in love and peace I pray.
Father, today I bring the depressed, the grieving, and those that are lonely. Give peace to the distressed, and comfort the grieving and the lonely. Your Word tells us that You are our present help, so we submit to You today, withholding nothing.
We pray for the hungry and the homeless, I pray You provide shelter and provision in Jesus name. .
Lord, we pray for our country, and the lands of our birth, we ask for Your intervention and we ask for peace. Give the leaders steady and forthright minds, may they work in honesty and integrity and governance. We pray for good for all, we pray for justice for all. We lift up the Dreamers to You today, and ask for Permanency and a peaceful living, not to be used as a political pond, but to love our neighbor as ourselves.
We pray for forgiveness of sin. We know that if we turn to You and away from sin, You will forgive our sin and heal our lands. Father, in your mercy hear our prayer in Jesus mighty and powerful name, Amen.
In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.
Senior Pastor, Dr. Diana Brevan,

Jesus Is Lord Fellowship WWI
USA Headquarters
PO Box 2752
Inverness Florida 34451

Deacon Matthew Helmich.

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