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Dr Diana Brevan's Ponderings 4-15-18

Dr Diana Brevan’s Ponderings 4-15-18
Jesus is Lord Fellowship WWI
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Ponderings from our very own Dr. Diana Brevan for today

Dear Partners World Wide, I bring to you my (Dr. Diana Brevan) ponderings this today. May the Lord richly bless you and yours as we go right into to today’s ponderings prayer and the Word.

2 Timothy 1:6 (NKJV) Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

In this verse, Paul is talking to his young friend Timothy, and he is telling him to stir himself up. He is telling him to get the fire within him going again. Timothy, like any of us, needed to get his passion going again, and Paul is reminding him that sometimes you have to stir yourself up.

When I used to go camping, one of the treats of being outside was to start a big campfire. You know, you get that thing going and hang out there with the smell and the flickering of the flames. But if you just left that fire to itself and did not stir it up, or shake it once in a while, it would go out.

It is the same way in the spirit. Just as you have to shake a fire so it does not go out, you need to shake yourself, also. There have been times that I have gotten cold in my walk of faith. It does not even mean that I have backslidden. It just means I have gotten cold, and the fire is going out. So what do I need to do? I need to STIR IT UP.

The everyday things of life have a way of throwing water on our fire and quenching us. I have to push myself to stay in the spirit. You might ask, “Well, how do I do that?” I have found that I need to, during those times, read my Bible, pray in the Spirit, get myself to a Bible-believing church, and get around other believers. It is like putting fuel on the fire. It is like shaking the embers and seeing those flames rise up again.

So today, if you feel like you are getting cold to the things of God, remember that we all go through periods like that. Even Timothy did! But I would encourage you to stir yourself up! Get your Bible out and read it out loud. Pray in the Spirit, loud and fervently, and the next time that the church doors are open, get there and get filled!

CONFESSION: Today, I make a decision to get stirred up again. I am going to get my Bible and read it like I used to, and pray with great fervency, and the next time there is church, I am going to be there to praise God!
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Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you

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