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Looking for print or photos on the history of the Yankee Network experimental FM station on Paxton's Mt. Asnebumskit in MA. Call sequence was W1XOJ, W43B and WGTR-FM. The station operated between 1937/38 and 1953. Thanks, Bob

Re: W1XOJ/W43B/WGTR Paxton MA

Are you familiar with this site:

Here is a photo of W43B:

Re: W1XOJ/W43B/WGTR Paxton MA

I have W1XOJ self-supporting tower wiring plans from 1940, with power plant info, chief engineer correspondence, transmitter frequency calibration certificate, R.E.L relay receiver schematic, other schematics on Western Electric audio amplifiers, tube specs, etc, etc. No pictures (lost in fire) but a detailed interior diagram of the Yankee building as seen through my 13 year old eyes in 1952. This would be neat stuff for a web page, but that's WAY above me.

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