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Re: Thanks

I couldn't agree more, I just had to post.

Outstanding website and material! I'm going to have a field day looking for stuff on people and stations I think highly of.

Really, David, your work on this website is incredible. Thank You! See ya around Radio-Info!

Re: Thanks

Always nice to see familiar names here. I'm glad you enjoy the site. That's what makes this so fun to put together.

Re: Thanks

Some people take along a book to read on vacation. In my case, it's been this site! Awesome, fascinating stuff. Thanks for a phenomenal effort. (And I've just scratched the surface of all the treasures here).


Crystal Lake, IL

Re: Thanks


I also wanted to say thanks for the incredible amount of historic information that you have put on this website.

I especially enjoy the Broadcasting Yearbooks. Luckily, my local library still has the old ones back to 1964, but it is wonderful to have them available here 24/7.

Plus you never know when the library might throw that material away as they did a few years ago with their TV Guide back issues.

Brian Craig

Re: Thanks

Not much to add except my concurrence. This website is what the internet should be. Excellent job, David!

Re: Thanks

Thank you David for a great web site with great content. The south American picture content in particular is priceless and a true treasure, along with many other rare components.