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Brick housing

Boy has "Brick" changed! I remember there was an outside door upstairs with wooden stairs that went out. They are gone now! They have really beautified the area. Of you who remember, there was a "field" between the rows with only a teather ball pole there. Now there are alleys and a beautiful playground for kids! So, you can drive behind your house in the alley and pull up into your car port! When I was taking this picture, there was a lady standing across the street. I explained to her that we had lived in that house 41 years ago and it sure had changed. She offered to let me go into her house and see the difference on the inside. I didn't go, but thought how friendly Air Force people are!
It also reminded me of the time my Mom had put a pressure cooker upstairs to cook a pot of stew (there was a kitchen upstairs and down) We used the upstairs mostly as a laundry room. I remember Mom telling Karlan, no matter what do not open the pressure cooker until it has cooled and pressure is released. You guessed it, Karlan opened it and we had stew all over! Potatoes dripping off the ceiling, etc! NEVER have let her live that one down!
While we were on a base tour, we went by the BX and the author of the Mtn. Home AFB History book was there signing books for the guys! Really was a great trip and enjoyed every minute of it. When we left the Base, we drove through town. I saw the Jr. High and could not believe I was able to drive directly to the High School! It was exactly as I remembered it! Has not changed much!
Next day enjoyed the day with Moose, Mel and the Tish and Jones' girls. GREAT TIME!!

Re: Brick housing

Wow! Thanks for the memory. I remember living in Brick housing after my dad got stationed in Nam '66-'67. Before that (63-66) we lived on Palm Street. A section of housing that was just inside the main gate. Forty years, its hard to believe its been that long. Peter.