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No, we didn't get any snow but they are predicting it for tomorrow. I did finally start to wear my winter clothes this week, before that it was capris and short sleeved shirts.
I will be leaving for DE next Sat. A trip to see my son. Can't believe it has been almost 4 years. Probably my last trip to DE. Not sure where he will end up after graduation, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Chicago are the possibilities at this time. Evidently engineers interview for jobs in the fall of their senior year and make a commitment by Dec. So their last semester isn't stressful about where they are going to find a job.
Had a conversation with Loree this week. She has congential heart failure and will be going in for open heart surgury on all 4 valves on Monday. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. Those of you in Mtn. Home please keep us posted as to her recovery. She is staying with her mom because she can't be left alone.

Re: Loree

Extra prayers going for Loree and her family!! Thanks for the information!
Tell your son that Texas is a good state to live in! LOL!

Re: Re: Loree

Talked to Loree again tonight. They didn't do the surgery yet and it will be another 2 weeks before she sees a cardiologist. I know when my Mom was sick last year it seemed like it took forever to get things with the Drs and hospital done. Is this because we are old?
My son had cancer when he was 3, they found the tumor on Monday, by Thursday we were back for a catscan and we were in the hospital on Sunday for surgery on Monday. I just don't understand this waiting game.
Loree also said she talked to Connie Strom who has had cancer and they have her back on chemo.
Will keep everyone posted.