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Re: Southern California fires

Hi all, Betty, Thank you for your concern. We were in Utah for Bruce's dad's funeral when the fires began. After the services, my daughter and her husband drove me home to find that our community had been evacuated. My son-in-law and I reached my home via a backroad, and we were able to gather important papers and pictures. I stayed with my daughter and her family. I was very thankful to have a home to go home to! Today, it's very smokey. We have cleaned up a ton of ash. It's amazing that nine fires would all start at the same time. It seems that arsonists took advantage of the Santa Ana winds. Never a dull moment! I don't know anyone else from Mtn. Home who lives here. Best wishes, and I hope things are going well!

Re: Re: Southern California fires

So glad to hear you're all okay, Carolyn. Sorry you had to deal with the evacuation & all the ash mess. Also sorry to hear about Bruce's dad...the timing must have been stressful. Seems like most of us have lost our parents or will have to be dealing with that soon.
Loree...hope your surgery was successful, and you're recuperating well.