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Re: Thanksgiving

And to you.
Doesn't that Norman Rockwell painting take you back to how it used to be? I remember gathering at my Grandparents in Weiser. My Grandmother would cook up a storm, nuts, and a veggie pickle tray, the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, cranberries, her famous pinapple salad, cook and serve rolls (lol), someone would bring one of those awful jello and veggie salads (no one should ever put vegetables in jello), and then pies, pumpkin, mincemeat (I could eat a small piece of mincemeat but not enough to make one myself), butterscotch (her recipe that I have never seen anywhere else) and a chocolate cake.
The big table for the adults and a smaller table for the kids, I couldn't wait to move to the adult table, somehow I never did. When I was old enough the younger cousins would beg me to eat with them, how could I refuse?
Brings back lots of memories. Hooe all of you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Re: Re: Thanksgiving

I lucked out! We went to my Mom and Dad's. My Daughters brought and cooked all the traditional foods (and cleaned) I was busy with the guys building an 18 ft. foot bridge (replacing an old one of 35 years) behind their house. I was scared to death my Dad was going to fall off the old one it had gotten so unstable. Now it is Friday, still working on the bridge! But the kids did the hard work, all that is left is frames with lattice between all the uprights. Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (just hope it's not a freight train!!)
As Moose says..."Life is Good!"