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colorado skiing weather

What's the weather look like around Denver? My Grand-daughter and her Dad are flying into Denver tomorrow and then driving to Brakenridge (sp?) to ski for a week. How's the weather looking? This was her Christmas present from her Dad. She has never been skiing and is so excited about it!
Hope she doesn't "break" anything! She laughs and says if she can be a "flyer" as a cheerleader she should be ok on the ski slopes! Hopes she's right! Of course, as her Grandmother it is my "job" to worry...

Re: colorado skiing weather

I lived in Denver for nine years and by this time each year, there was always enough snow for good skiing. I haven't heard any negative reports so it is likely the skiing is good.

Here's a link to the Breckenridge snow report. It looks very good:

Re: Re: colorado skiing weather

Thanks, Tom!
Brings back memories of Sun Valley!

Re: Re: Re: colorado skiing weather

The mountains just got snow yesterday or the day before and I think are going to get more today, from what I have seen it looks like the skiing is fabulous.

Re: Re: Re: Re: colorado skiing weather

I talked to her last night on the cell phone. She's thrilled to death and having a blast! I forgot this poor child has never really seen snow! Maybe a couple of flakes before they hit the ground and melted! Sounds as if she has caught on to skiing really quick, oh to be young again!
I did not mention the avalanche (sp) near Reno to her Mom (my daughter) She would be a nervous wreck!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: colorado skiing weather

The trails at Breckinridge and other Colorado slopes are well-marked and groomed. As long as they stay on the runs and avoid the "out of bounds" areas usually well-marked with signs and barriers, they will be just fine.

Skiing in Europe, however, is an entirely different matter. You better know the mountain well or you could find yourself flying off a cliff or into a ravine. Apparently they do not have a Trial Lawyers Association in Europe or the ski resorts' insurance companies would have them erecting fences and signs all over their mountains.