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Anyone know who these people are?

I've posted a picture of the 56-57 class that Sidney is in. If anyone knows who the rest of the students are please let me know.

Re: searching for possible alumni S Grubb

Terry Jones also contacted me and said Sterling Grubb still lives in Mtn Home. Using her regular email, I was able to send her a scanned copy of my original photo. If you give me yours I will try to same for you.
My email is

The Base Elementary, 1956-57

I have posted both pictures that I have of the Base Elementary, Mrs. Lande and Mrs. Billick. If you know any of the people pictured, let me know. I think there were only 2 classes at the base, but there were 5 classes at North Elementary, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Shield, Mrs Guissesolo, Mrs. Medearis and Mrs. Lobb. There sure were a lot of us from the class of 67.