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Reunion Arrangements

Susan - Gig just asked me to let you know that the banner our sign shop in Mtn. Home (Grubbrother Arts) made for the last reunion is still in good shape and we can use it again. It is a 3'x10' white banner with orange and black letters. It says:
Welcome Classes of 1963-67
MHHS Reunion 2005
Obviously we will change the vinyl letters to 2010 & this banner can be transported each day to each event....just wanted to let whoever is in charge of that part to know.
ALSO, for Joe and whoever else is taking care of the bus tours, would it be possible to follow the bus to the base so as to obtain permission for entry... & then go ahead with other arrangements, because I know some might want to take the Bruneau highway to the Sand Dunes for a quick look at them & then take the back way through Hammett to meet up at Carmela Vineyards....unless that is already going to be the route. Didn't know if anyone had considered the Sand Dunes, but that was certainly a summer hang out for a lot of us...we were always working on our tans there and swimming in the water that was supposedly not good to be swimming in!!

Re: Reunion Arrangements

Thanks Betty,
I will let people know.