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Re: The Beach Boys

Cool! I'm sure your Mom was surprised!

I spent a few moments in the Austrian Airlines line with Phoebe Cates at the Bucharest Airport once. She's even better looking in person than on screen. All I could think about the whole time was that bikini scene in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High."

Re: The Beach Boys


Re: The Beach Boys

I notice that the gals side-stepped any comments on that one

Re: The Beach Boys

I have often told people we saw the Beach Boys at MHAFB and they could hardly believe it. I printed a copy of the posting, so now I have proof! What year was that, anyway??? Thanks for that Vickie...incidentally, you are quite the and all the others at our table kept us laughing a lot.

The Year was 1964

It was Oct of 1964.

Re: The Year was 1964

I know my Mom took us to Wells in Boise to get the Beach Boys autographs. I have them in a autograph book. I don't remember when that happened.