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Lucky Bucks

I never found a golden egg either.

Do you remember the "Lucky Bucks" Santa used to drop from a helicopter downtown for the kids to scramble around after? I recall that in one of the drops the wind caught the fluttering dollars and scattered them all over downtown.

I was in a horde of kids that stampeded out of an alley after them straight into traffic on one of the side streets.

Motorists slammed on their brakes and stared at us with incredulity, astonished at the wave of kids and doubtlessly wondering what on earth was happening.

Re: Lucky Bucks

Yep, Susan's memories of the Easter egg hunts reminded me of the hunt for that fake money drop, but I couldn't remember what it was called. "Luck Bucks" it was, good memory Tom.
But wasn't it an airplane they used instead of a helicopter? About all I remember is being in the wrong part of town when the drop was made and missed out on the chaos. No golden egees either. Always a day late and a dollar short.