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My trip to Idaho

My sad story is that my car broke down outside of Price, UT on Friday night, the car was towed on Sat and the mechanic said it would be $1,500 to $3,000 to fix, it ended up needing a whole new engine and was really going to cost $4,500. The car is only worth $5,000. My car is still in Price and I am without a car at all right now.
We couldn't rent a car because the only rental place is only open from Mon-Friday. Over the weekend we were stuck in Price where my son said "we are just going to have to assume new lives, get a job and find a place to live here in Price"
But when we did rent the car we couldn't do a one way. So we had 2 days in Idaho and then headed home where we had to rent an additional car in Salt Lake to drive home to Colorado.
In addition, after I got home from that trip I flew to Houston to drive to Pennsylvania with my other son who is moving there. He was supposed to be closing on a house in Allentown, but that didn't happen until 3 weeks later. So instead of helping him move we were in a hotel room with two cats. He had to start his new job so I went to my sister-in-laws for the week. When I came back on Friday, the 16th and had the desk clerk print out my boarding pass, she said, "it says your flight is delayed" when we started checking it out because I was flying Frontier,who had 20 of their planes damaged in Denver by hail the Wed before, my flight was delayed from 4:55 in the afternoon until 3:00am on Sunday morning. It took me an hour to get to talk someone at Frontier and another hour before finding another flight back to Denver. They had seats but because I had used my miles those seats weren't for me. I ended up being rerouted through Reagan in DC on a USAir flight and then catching a Frontier flight to Denver. But that flight left at 6:00am and so we had to get up at 3:45 to catch the flight in Philly. The Frontier person told me I wouldn't have to leave security to get to my next flight since I only had 45 minutes, he lied. I was on a puddle jumper who didn't even go to the terminal and I didn't have a boarding pass for my next flight. Since I was in tears by that time, a TSA rep went with me on the shuttle to the terminal and took me to the head of the line at Frontier, took me through the employee security and walked me to the gate. The only good thing that seemed to happen this summer.
I'm glad summer is over, if I could just find a new car, life would be good.

Re: My trip to Idaho

Susan, have you ever thought about selling your story for a tv show or movie? Dang, girl! That is one of those "if you didn't have bad luck, you would have no luck at all!"
Sorry for the entire miss up! Glad you finally got home! Maybe you should have just taken your son's advise and found a place to live and a job in Price!!!
Hope better things come your way (I will be praying for you!)

Re: My trip to Idaho

Susan, very sorry to hear about the rode trip from hell. Chin up girl, things will get better.