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Re: 3 day weekend

I can't believe that it didn't go your way at all. Again, New Orleans gets pounded.
My son recently moved from Houston to Pennsylvania and while he was in Texas there wasn't a single hurricane but he moves to PA and gets hit with Irene. Luckily, it didn't flood his townhome but it came close.
While I was in Houston we went out for dinner at a seafood place on a lake, it was so low, it was 5 feet below the dock.


It's just amazing to watch the weather pattern around Texas. Looks like there is a big dome covering the state keeping out any kind of moisture. Hang in there, it will break through one of these days!

Re: Domed

Well, now we are having terrible wild fires! Bastrop, Texas (where my daughter, her family and my Granddaughter and baby live)is burning! There is a Piney Wood forest (state park) that is "gone" and it has burned 25,000 acres! Both families have had to evacuate their homes. Jana and family is in Austin with my Mom and Lyndsey and baby are in Smithville with family friends..They are all safe, but not their homes! One of those situations where you grab all you can and get the heck out! I think they were able to grab things that could not be replaced (legal papers and family pics) along with pets!
Lyndsey evacuated yesterday, so Jana went to help and bring an extra car to her house. Oh yea, Lyndsey has a baby pig (yep, PIG) as a pet for Kynleigh(2 yrs old) SO....Jana had to take the baby pig! hahaha!
When Jana and her family evacuated to Austin, she made Lyndsey get the pig! She would not bring it to my mom's house. Of course, she did bring 5 dogs hahaha!
Long story short, they are all safe and waiting to see if the houses survive. Many of our friends houses are completely gone and they have lost everything! The fire has taken 465 homes so far.
Where is the tropical storm when you need it????
Gov Perry asked Obama for a Declaration of Diseaster several months ago due to the drought...He was denied, TWICE!
Way to go, Mr. President! Thanks alot! Guess who I will NOT vote for in 2012?