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Colorado is burning up.

Susan, I hope your part of the state is staying clear of the fire and smoke. It's been a few years since Boise has had smoke in the valley from forest fires...been there, done that, hated it. I hope it never happens again. But, of course, the season is just beginning.

Re: Colorado is burning up.

Susan, where are you compared to all these fires in Colorado? Seems I heard on news this morning they are evacuation the Air Force Academy...Is that right?
Scary! Stay safe!

We had 110 degree temps here yesterday! Feels like we are melting!

Re: Colorado is burning up.

I actually have been in Pennsylvania visiting my sons. Just got back on July 1. The fire in Ft. Collins was burning before I left but the one in Colorado Springs happened while I was gone. I am about equal distant away from each of them. One to the North and one to the South. We have gotten some of the smoke from the Ft. Collins fire but not too bad. It is hot, hot, hot here.
How about all of you living in the South and East without power? How are you doing?

Re: Colorado is burning up.

We are having a very hot summer, but if I had to do without electricity for over a week...I would not survive!!! Needless to say the water well runs on electricity, so I would not have water! God look over and help those people in the North East!!!!
My heart and prayers go out to the elderly and all who are trying to survive the horrible situation and weather up there!