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Just wanted to say hello. Not hardly a day goes by that I don't think of MHHS. Could not believe the changes when I came to the 1995 Reunion...or whatever year it was!! The years seem to run together. Had been 37 years since last breathed the good ole desert air and had forgotten how sweet and comforting it was. Did not plan on staying away so long...but now 2012 is half way what. The last few years have been kind of bumpy...the kind that visit you when the years pile up. My mom developed Alzheimers and then pancreatic cancer and was so blessed to have her at home those last few months. Events like that really put the mirror in front of the face...better get on with life. Amazing the road blocks, real and imagined, that keep one from fulfilling those dreams. And now I'm caring for someone with Multiple Myeloma....had a stem cell transplant three months ago and was very successful...but still a lengthy recovery. I've learned the real meaning of caregiver and why so many die before the patient! Really hope that doesn't happen in my case! Have found that the golden years require a lot of work to capture the glow but have faith and, who knows, maybe being a vegetarian helps! Lots of good daughter...usual acculades....brilliant, gorgeous, etc....three grandchildren, two girls and a boy that are...usual acculades...brilliant, gorgeous, talented, caring, athletic, intelligent... Oh, and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks that provide humor, protection, and never ending comfort. So hope this finds everyone with reasonable health, humor, and hope! (See what happens when the weeding is done and and house is reasonable clean...I quit ironing years ago!)

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