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Lost but Never Forgotten

Kathy, I am sorry for you loss. You were twice blessed. You had parents that loved you and were concerned with your well being. But, also, you were able to recognize this blessing while your father lived so you could enjoy him and learn from him. Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. Our parents were not so comfortable with hugging as we have grown to be. We have all hugged relatives who stood too far back, leaned foreword, barely touching you, then patted you on the back. Sometimes as you put your arms around a woman and pull her to you, you feel her rotate her body clockwise, always clock wise, to about 25 degrees. Her shoulder goes into your chest. The awkward embrace is one of those times you should have refrained from embracing. I have found that if you hold someone closely in your arms to comfort and console their loss, stay focused and never be the first to let go. This is important. You can also embrace a woman as a sign of love or friendship. As we mature we all find that we want a huggable woman who might be pretty enough. Embrace comes from the English word brace, as in two of a kind. Now that you know if a woman likes you or not by her embrace, it is time to have a little fun. If you find yourself with your arms around a woman and she squeezes you back, make a slow groaning noise from deep down in your chest. Most women will jump back, laugh and swat you. A sporting woman will pull you in tighter and make this noise right back, and you will be the one laughing out loud. Life is good.