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List of People who have sent their registrations so far

Here is a list of who is registered from the class of 67 at this time.
If you haven't sent your registration yet it is time to do so.
Pam Bakes
Kaye Bennett
Gary Bermensolo
Kathi Burtner
Tom Craig
Tom Dalton
Chris Davis
Dave Evans
Tim Franks
Bob Frisbee
Tom Gisler
Nancy Gould
Mark Hickey
Sue Holtz
Peggy Johnson
Jan Johnson
Ron Keller
Mike Koelsch
Kathy Lokey
Pat Markham
John McLaughlin
Terry Monasterio
Charlene Moore
Kathy Newman
Mike Town
Carolyn Rowett
Cyndy Sousley
Terry Turner
Elaine Williamson
Mark Yrazabal

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