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Class of 1967 Message Center
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Good bye, Idaho!
Had a wonderful time at the reunion!
Great to see friends from the past and brush the cob webs away in the back of the mind!!
Thank you Susan for all the hard work you and the others did to make this a great time in my life!!
And Moose for taking Karlan and I out for fabulous Chinese dinner and site seeing!!
Part of my heart will stay in Mtn Home!!!!


The Lokey sisters took me up on my offer to buy you out of town class mates dinner at the Singapore restaurant. I had not seen Karlan in 50 years. After a fine meal, I took them up to see the old Oregon Trail, in the cool fading Idaho light. They saw the wagon ruts, the settlers land mark Tea Pot Dome and the site of the old hot springs. Back in town we ran into Betty. She wanted to know if I still owned Trog. Trog is a 1941 K6 flatbed Internation work truck. Betty's father, Henry, got Trog from the railroad, the first owner. He used it as a farm truck for many years, then sold it to Bo. When Richard moved to Boise, he sold Trog to Red. Trog was washed and parked in front of the Elks' Club because Betty wanted to see the truck and especially the inside lid of the jockey box where her brother, Ronnie, as a boy had scratched his name, so many years and memories ago. I hope she got some pictures. Inside the party, I was standing talking to Lois. I am comfortable with Lois. Peggy walked up to Lois, pointed her thumb over her shoulder, at me, and said that she had broken my heart in high school. Lois asked if that was true, and when I said it was, they both cracked up. I stood there kind of smiling. Lola looked like a million bucks, and we were talking when LG walked up, looking like a road dog. Lola was taken by him. She told him how handsome he looked and how well built and young looking. I was starting to see LG in a different light. Then Lola reached up and with her thumb and forefinger gently lifted the bill of LG's hat, went up on her tip toes and looked at the top of LG's head and said, "Oh. OK. There it is." We all laughed. Later, I walked TJ's Susie out side for a little air. I greeted the two women that were standing by the door way. One greeted me and one smirked. Of course, I was attracted to the smirker. She was good looking and well formed. I gave her a little hell and she grinned and gave it right back. The next day at the pick nick I was talking to Bo, when someone walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned, this same girl smirked at me, laughed and walked off. Where was she in high school and how could I have missed her? And, I guess the sum of it is that we all came together to relive old memories, but also to make new memories. It was a great time had by all. Life is good.

Re: reunion

And... Betty G. If you are reading was fantastic to see you two!! Wish we could have spent more time visiting!