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I just got home an hour ago and have been checking my e-mails. For those of you who were there, thank you for the 3 great days, for those of you who weren't you have to come to the next one in 2010.
I went to the photo shop, in Mtn. HOme, to turn in orders on Monday, the woman who took our pictures at the picnic and dance said "I'm from the class of 72, and I thought we could party, but you people REALLY know how to party". It was a blast.
Thank you to all the reunion committee in Idaho for putting this together.
Thank you to Terry for going to the meetings, Thank you to Gary Bermensolo for doing our 10 minutes at the dance, thank you to Connie and Martha for helping out with the paperwork . Thank you to the rest of the class of 67 in attendence for the GREAT time.

Group Pictures

There were group photos taken at both the Picnic and at the Dinner/Dance.
There were some people missing from both of them, in different combinations.
If you are interested in purchasing a group picture you can write to:
Photo Express
590 N. 2nd East
Mtn. Home, Idaho 83647
Photos will mailed out within 2 weeks.
Cost is $12.00 for one photo (specify either Park or Elks)
or $22.00 for both.
Or you can ask for them to send you the one that has the most people in it.
For those of you who want one of the booklets I brought to the reunion, I will post cost soon.

Not Enough Time

I've been thinking about the reunion and how much fun I had talking to everyone. But I was doing a lot of flitting from group to group. I wish there had been more time to spend with each of you individually. As Sue Covey and Loree can attest to when I came to Mtn. Home earlier this year, we sat in a restaurant for 5 hours and then got together the next morning to talk and we still had and have plenty more to say. Thank you to all of you who came to the reunion it truely was 3 fabulous days.

Re: Not Enough Time

Would like to drop a few lines and say it was very enjoyable meeting some of the 67 graduates.. I had a wounderfull time and glad you enjoyed seeing my Mustang.. I'll drive something different in 2010. Hope it'll have a/c.. Cheers to all...

Re: Re: Not Enough Time

Great Job class of '67 for getting the most people there, getting your website and participation level all the way to the top. You are a super bunch. Susan, what a blessing you were to the whole reunion and Loree...visiting with you was one of the highlights for me. It was just wonderful to come home. Candy '66

Re: Re: Re: Not Enough Time

It was so nice to see you and chat. And thanks for your help with some of our missing classmates.

Re: Not Enough Time

I too want to add my thanks to Susan for all of her hard work....I've had the pleasure of seeing it come together over the past several months as Susan and I live very near each other. It was great to be Linda Hill again and have the association of such great friends that are all family! I can't believe I was actually up until 1AM and still dancing! My old body will never be the same. But I will start preparing for the next one!

Thanks to all.......Linda

Re: three wonderful days

It's been a pleasure following all of the messages, pictures and e-mails regarding this website and the reunion. I had planned to attend, but regretfully needed some unplanned surgery. I was particularly interested in touring the base. Lots of great memories from those days! God willing I will get to the next reunion, but wish that it was sooner than 5 years! (If anyone took any digital photos I'd love to see them!)Be well, all!
~ Bob Northrop "67