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Mtn Home/Basque parties

Alright, I think I have this figured out. Yep, I buy the lamb occasionally. The nice part is that these fine Basque people will send lamb buyers free tickets for the Basque picnic, the following year. Somebody stop me if I have already told this story: I was at the picnic, on my way to get more beer. I walked right past a clutch of young Basque women who were standing around talking and laughing. One fine formed, full grown woman was wearing a button that said,"Kiss me, I'm Basque." I eased over into the middle of all those girls, grabbed the one with the button, pulled her over real slow and kissed her on the mouth. Her friends laughed and cheered. She just stood there grinning. Old Jess always said that the Basque women were the best looking women on earth. That may be, but I have seen some dandies that were not Basque. On our last hunting trip, Pop, TJ and I went into New Meadows, after the hunt for a bite to eat and a little cold beer. That was our last time together before TJ had to go the the war. It turns out we drank a lot of beer. We had a good looking, well put up, blonde headed waitress with a smile that could melt a man's soul. We got a little crazy with her. She ended up buying us beer and she didn't want to take TJ's tip. So, what kind of women are the true heart stopping beauties? I think this question requires more research and more beer. Life is good.

Re: Mtn Home/Basque parties

Hey Moose. Seems like the Basque Picnic was about the same time as Air Force Appreciation Day..

Eddy Wilson, my brother and I used to make poppies for sale through the American Legion. The Dance used to be held in the park with the tennis court and street being barracaded.. It was a blast and I might add that those Basque Men were mighty fine too!!