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Christmas Trees

I've posted a couple of pictures of trees from the past. Notice the doll house and those stockings hung on the wall. They sure do look like Charlie Brown trees.
I can't quite figure out what Bob and Mike are putting together. They sure did grow up though.


I had forgotten those "Stereo" records that came with the system back then, intended to show you how it worked. Having one speaker on one side of the room with the other speaker on another side of the room, and how the sound seemed to move. Was your stereo a piece of furniture? My parents got a stereo that my mom still has it is two large pieces of furniture, one with the turn table and a speaker and the other just a speaker. Kind of like when they came out with the TVs that were pieces of furniture.

Re: Stereo

That old stereo is long gone but I don't remember it being a piece of furniture particularly. But what I do have is our old Zenith wooden console radio from the 40's that is a real snazzy piece of furniture. The Moose helped my find a guy to repair it and put in new tubes. Believe it or not, there are a few people around who carry a dwindling supply of old vacuum tubes. Once they're gone, they're gone forever. The radio has great sound, AM only, that was long before FM.

Re: Re: Stereo

My grandmother had one of those old radios, I'm not sure who ended up with it. She listened to until she died in 1998. They sure are cool. My grandmother also had one of the old tredle sewing machines, that many of the grandaughters wanted,my grandmother taught all of us to sew on it. One of my aunts got that. My brother and his wife have an extensive collection of tredle machines and they get invited to museums to display them and put on a demonstration. One of my cousin's husband bought her a tredle machine for her birthday a few years ago. One exactly like my grandmother's.
I was trying to remember what they called those old TVs and stereos put into pieces of furniture. Didn't they call them console TVs and that is probably what they called the stereos also.

Re: Re: Re: Stereo

I have my grandparents old radio. It doesn't work anymore. Dad gave it to them during WWII. The first record player we had was a hi-fi. I remember listening to Tennessee Ernie Ford sing religous songs and my first album with the Beach Boys. We finally got a stereo and it was in a console. We had it until I was out of college. Hadn't thought about that in years.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Stereo

In that color photo on the front page of Mike and I you'll see a speaker on the wall. It was part of this big homemade stereo system that Dad made, a pretty big piece of mahogany furniture. I'll never forget some of the LP albums my parents had -- Chubby Checkers (the Twist), Ray Charles, Brook Benton (The Boweavel song), and I had a Beach Boys live in concert album along with The Monkees very first album. :-) That old stereo lasted well into the 1990's before giving up the ghost.