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Re: Merry Christmas

Me too. Hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve and looking forward to a FANTASTIC Christmas Day.
Love to all of you.

Many Happy Returns

So have you been hitting the after Christmas sales and the returns tables or were you lucky enought to get just what you wanted?
I myself have been doing the return bit. Still have a few stores to go back to. Wrong ipod attachment for both kids, wrong size slippers for son #2, wrong socks for son #1, organic turkey instisted upon by husband that was so smelly we couldn't get near it to carve it.
We did have a nice Christmas, with my children 18 and 19 I was surprized that they still wanted to carry on certain traditions. After Christmas Eve dinner they both said to me "let's go look at the Christmas lights" our tradition has been to go out and look at lights and then come home and have hot chocolate in our Santa mugs with little candy canes to stir with. They still wanted to do that. It was very magical.
Hope yours was too.

Re: Many Happy Returns

Well,I should have stayed home and not returned things today. A trip to Target and I now have a dent in the car I drove home from Philly. As I was waiting for a car coming toward me to pull into a parking space a woman in a truck backed out, I honked at her and she stopped but said she didn't see me behind her only the car I was waiting for so she proceeded, again I honked but she just kept coming and hit my rear door. So a trip to the police dept and calls to both insurance, "calcon take me away"!!!!