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I was also one of the kids who lived on the wrong side of the tracks. First in a small house behind the Mobil gas station, which my Grandfather owned. Had to get to school by walking under the underpass. Usually took extra time since there might be some new graffiti to check out! My dad put up a tetherball set for us and I have great memories of playing lots of tetherball with my good friend David McConkie! My cousin Diana Aguirre lived next door at that time. Once when we were in 4th or 5th grade, we were at her house alone and decided to surprise her mom with some delicious homemade bread. Not having a clue how to make it, we dialed up the operator on the phone and asked for instructions. Oddly enough, she gave us a recipe, which we thought we had followed very closely. Only one problem... we had forgotten to put in the yeast, so we just sprinkled it on top of the loaf! Great doorstop! Later in 6th grade I attended the brand-new West Elementary, where I enjoyed Wayne Stevens for a teacher. He was the first male teacher, and of course I had a huge crush on him....he was very handsome!