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Re: Mr. Smallwood

Bill & Patty Smallwood
Sun Valley, ID 83353
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Re: Mr. Smallwood

Hi Kathy!

My name is Diana Nelson, and I live in Denver, Colorado.

I got to thinking about Karlan Lokey, who was my babysitter at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho in about 1960-62. I idolized her for her knowledge of horses and ability to draw them. I knew (even at my young age of 8 or so) that Karlan was a highly intelligent and talented person who would go places with her life. Now, I see, she is an M.D. I mean, there can only be one Karlan Lokey, and I will always remember her. I am still involved with horses and am a writer and musician. I would love to hear from you or Karlan, if you can remember anything about those times.

All the best!

Diana C. Nelson

Can you write me back.

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Replying to:

Karlan (my older sister) saw the picture of Mr. Smallwood and asked if I could find his address! He was a great influence in high school for her and she is now an MD because of him!! HELP!

Re: Re: Mr. Smallwood

Karlan is still into horses! She has an Arabian Horse Farm now located in Marlin, Texas SE of Waco, Tx.

I am not sure how many horses she has now, but at one time had over 75. She shows and raises them. Her farm is named "Karma Arabians"