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fire pics

When did you take these pictures?
My daughter is flying to Seattle and driving back to Texas with a friend. They are starting by hiking part way up Mt. Ranier (sp?) and where hoping to drive across Idaho into Wyoming and Montana, but may have to change plans a bit due to all the fires!
They are going to try to see some of the sites on the way home ie: Mt. Rushmore, thought about Yellowstone, but decided they would make another trip for that because they would not have the time to really enjoy it.
Anyway, those pictures are fantastic!

Re: fire pics

I took them on my trip to Idaho, let me think, must have been June 22. It was amazing. As I enter Idaho you could actually see the fire, but I didn't stop to take pictures, maybe a good thing I didn't. By then the airconditiong in my car wasn't working. I stayed in Burley that night and when I got back to my car after registering at the motel my battery light was on and I didn't have any power steering. I was hopeful that it would go away by the next morning. But of course it didn't. The tow truck guy assured me that his garage would fix it. How did I know that wouldn't really happen? They tried but my airconditioning pulley was shot and because it was a Saab, they couldn't fix it. I had to be towed to Boise to the Saab dealer, $450. where it cost me another $1,600. to get it fixed.

Re: Re: fire pics

Gosh, Susan, that sounds like my luck! Must have been a frustrating trip..How long does it take you to drive from your home to Boise?
My daugher called today and said you could see all the fires from the airplane as they flew over

Re: Re: Re: fire pics

I made it from Mtn Home to Aurora in 14 hours coming home. My son was flying out to DC the next day so had to get back in one day. Yes, it was frustrating. I am always hopeful that the bad things that happen will just go away. I really don't understand why they don't