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Finally On the Road!

Hi guys!

Nortn 1941 16H is finally on the road.. road her, BUT it was hard VERY hard to find N. Also, when taking off it would just cut off any time. its not until i raise the lever on the right side a bit and leave it as im riding. if i put it and let the idle of the bike to a nice rpm, when giving gas and going into gear it cuts off all the time.

also the bike is leaking a lot of oil from the left side nipple b/t the pri cover and the engine. i think this is suppose to go to the return line all the way to the left of the oil tank. can u guys help?

its running very hot and i am not use to it maybe? i will try to take readings of the temp.


Re: Finally On the Road!

Hello Luis,

Good to hear you are making progress.

Its not exactly clear to me what your troubles are but I can give some idea's on where to look.
Oil leaking from the engine breather (the "nipple" between the engine and the inner primary case)may be the result of an excess of oil in the crankcase.
Depending on the quality of the oil pump gears, a certain amount will leak from the oil tank into the crankcase when the bike is not used.
A little is not a problem. A larger amount would lead to a spluttering noise when you kick over the engine.
The excess of oil will partly leave the engine through the crankcase breather and after some time running it should become not more than a sort of hardly visible oily mist coming out of it. Normally there is a copper pipe fitted to the breather which squirts the excess oil onto the rear chain.
There is no return line between the crankcase breather and the oil tank.

The air lever (normally the right hand handlebar control) should be fully open when the engine is sufficiently warmed up. On my bike I open it fully as soon as the engine is running.
If you do not open it sufficiently, it may lead to the irregular running as soon as you open up.
Are all the carburetter and ignition settings as per specification?

The exact setting of the air and ignition levers for starting is difficult to say. Each machine has its own best setting. While riding however, the air should be fully open and the ignition basically fully advanced.



Re: Finally On the Road!

I will check everything, is it normal for the carb to spit gas out of the intake onto the oil tank?? Im trying to find someone local who can help me with the tuning of the carb and mag.. The last mechanic was just a total failure, i would rather have done it myself . He ripped me off big time. Anyone in the usa? :)

Or maybe you guys can help me here

Re: Finally On the Road!

Hello Luis,

Its normal for petrol to be spluttered backwards onto the oil tank. It mostly happens when you try to start the bike without enough "swing" and the piston is then forced backwards due to the compression.

I am not sure I have your email adress.
If you send me a mail I can send you some scans which may be helpful to you.

Additional to your first question as well, sidevalves do run relatively hot especially at low speeds. I cannot give you actual temps.