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Good old PHA housing, we lived there about the same time. The side walks were asphalt and real hot. Stickers (Bullheads or Puncture weeds) attacked you feet and bike tires. Little box type houses with no lawns. Also lived on Palm street in the housing area by the fire Dept. Same street as the Langes and Farners. Kathi, my dad metioned yours all the time and think they went hunting alot and worked together.

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I sent Susan a pic of the house we lived in in Kpart across the street from the Officers' Club and fire dept. Also of the Brick housing from this weekend.
What rank was your Dad? Mom remembers a Willis that hunted with Dad. He went hunting with Jack Hoye and took one of our horses. They were having trouble getting the deer packed on the horse without the antlers poking the horse. They said they were going to have to cut its head off and our horse went crazy and threw his head up and knocked one of the guys out cold! They laughed about it and said they should have been more specific as to which animals head was going to get cut off!
Dad went hunting every year. I am really surprised he did not retire in Idaho. But my Grandparents lived in Texas and were getting up in years at that time.