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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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16H historic info

Hi long time since the last time i were here.
any way i need some info about my friend 16H

frame #: wd66746
engine #: 87746

thanks and regards, Amit.

Re: 16H historic info

Hello Amit,

Frame W66746 is from contract C11082 and likely built in 1942.
Engine W87746 was part of contract S2602 and built in 1944.

Re: 16H historic info

Hi Rob thank you very much for the info.
where can i find some info about contract C11082?
i guess he will want the right number on the gas tank,
for mine i dont really care cause i want to restore it to civilian style.

Re: 16H historic info

By the time that C11082 was built, around mid-1942, the fitment of full panniers and pillion equipment seem to have been standard. This is around the time that rubber started to become scarce but some machines seem to have retained the earlier rubber footrests.

The 'D' that you quote in the frame number does not match any known Norton system. If it is indeed W66746 then the WD serial number on the fuel tank would have been C4602346.

I assume, as Rob has done, that the engine number also has a 'W' prefix if it is an original stamping and not a replacement. If the number is simply 87746 then it is from the pre-war sequence and would be an enclosed valve 16H supplied in a sidecar outfit to the Royal Automobile Club during September 1938.

Re: 16H historic info

Hi Rick, thank you very much about the info.
You guys are encyclopedia, phenomenal!
Sorry about the delay didn't have the time to get in to and check for answer.