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Gary Walker and the Rain/Walker Brothers

Been spinning this damn fine album today,i rate this album highly in the echons of uk psych,some fabby psych going on on "Album no.1"(shame theres not an album no 2),it got me wondering did the Walker Brothers record anything remotely psych??as a trio or as solo artists?In fact can anyone recommend an album by the Walker Brothers or Scott Walker?I would be interested in giving them a shot!!Not heard much from him/them at all.Thank you!!

Re: Gary Walker and the Rain/Walker Brothers

Scott Walker never did psych. Scott 3 and 4 are interesting moody and dramatic art pop with classical pretentions, but his croonerish voice puts some off. Some regard them as masterpieces though.

John Walker did at least 1 rubbish solo LP.

In short Gary Walker made the most interesting music of a psych bent post Walker Brothers with The Rain. His '66 solo 45s for CBS also had some freakbeatish moments.

Re: Gary Walker and the Rain/Walker Brothers

I think The Walker Brothers' 'Archangel' (B-side from late 1966) deserves an honourable mention, in a way presaging 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'. And it's also fair to say that crooner or not, Scott sometimes veered towards 'psych lounge' - witness 'Plastic Palace People' and 'The Plague'.